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Five core advantages of Ruipu remote sensing

  • 01

    Eliminating middlemen

    The company is a new technology company dedicated to the R & D and application of spectral instruments. It is an incubator of Jiangsu Institute of spectral detection and intelligent sensing technology, a new R & D institution jointly established by Nanjing Geological Survey Center of China Geological Survey and Nanjing municipal government.

  • 02

    Rich experience

    The company is composed of talents in optical, mechanical, electrical, computer and hyperspectral remote sensing science and other multidisciplinary fields, with more than 20 R & D team members, including 3 with senior professional title, 4 with doctor's degree and 1 foreign expert.

  • 03

    Customized according

    The company has a number of core patents, existing UV, visible, near-infrared, mid thermal infrared and other full spectrum spectral detection instruments and equipment, the current production of instruments mainly include micro imaging spectrometer, remote sensing ground object spectrometer, small imaging spectrometer, airborne high light imaging system and other photoelectric products, becoming the most complete company in this field at home and abroad.

  • 04

    Quality assurance

    It is widely used in domestic and foreign prospecting industry, surveying and mapping system, agriculture and forestry, ecological environment and ocean, and some products are exported abroad. Product quality has been widely verified.

  • 05

    Perfect after sale service

    The company has an experienced, strong technical force, innovative sales service team. We have achieved long-term technical cooperation with domestic and foreign universities and scientific research institutions to provide solutions for the research and development of spectrum and application technology.





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